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$25 Processing fee


Studio Channel Islands (SCI) is a non-profit organization established in 1998 to aid and assist in supporting the fine arts and artists in the tri-county region of Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles. Our mission is to promote and preserve the arts in our community, providing unique and diverse artistic encounters for all ages, and extraordinary opportunities for artists. One of our purposes is to provide working space and an environment for creative and educational endeavors; to nurture and enhance personal growth of individual artists working in various mediums.


SCI provides Artists in Residence (AIRs) with affordable and accessible studio space in which to produce and display their original work. SCI also supports the artist by providing opportunities for exhibition, sale of work, challenging peer association and a creative environment. If the application is accepted, the artist will be offered a residency. The number of resident artists is limited. Most studios come with running water. All studios come with air conditioning, heating, Wi-Fi, free parking and 24-hour access. Note: Majority of the working spaces are located in open shared spaces, with your designated space marked off. Studios are not for living in. Artists cannot spend the night in their space. Artists are allowed to hold classes and/or workshops in their space without any percentage given to the organization.

If you would like to get an idea of what studio space looks like, please visit us on any first Saturday of the month for open studios between 11-4 pm. Note: If you are accepted as an AIR, attending open studios is required, within reason.

Those applying for studio space should be aware of the following criteria governing the decision of the SCI Standards Committee.

  • Consistency of achievement in work submitted.
  • Presentation of work in a professional manner.
  • One of a kind art; no productions
  • Willingness to be part of a cooperative
  • Must be a current/active artist member
  • Must be willing to commit to 4 volunteer hours per month. (Volunteer availability list will be provided)


Application package includes:

Form 1: AIR Application Procedure (keep this form for your records)
Form 2: AIR Artist Information
Form 3: AIR Portfolio Information

  1. Complete application form 2 and provide including a large SASE, in order to have CDs and photos returned.
    Mail or deliver during office hours to:
    Studio Channel Islands
    Attn: Standards Committee
    2222 Ventura Boulevard
    Camarillo, CA 93010
  2. When accepted:Artist will be notified by phone or email.
    First month’s rent and a security deposit is due before move-in.

If not accepted, CDs and photos will be returned if return envelope has been supplied.

Thank you for your interest.

  • AIR Application Procedure

  • Our Standards Committee will review applications quarterly or as needed.

    If accepted:

    a. Artist will be notified by phone or email.
    b. Artist are responsible for scheduling an appointment to review and sign the AIR Lease and Membership Agreement. It will be understood that applicant is not interested if no appointment is made within 14 days. Only after both forms are signed will the artist receive the key to the studio. First month’s rent and a security deposit is due before move-in.


    Submit 10 – 15 images representing recent artistic works.

    Below, upload a Word or text document with the following information for each piece:

    Title, Medium, Size, Year, Price

    Attach your Artist’s Resume, Statement, CV (List of exhibits and any other art related astonishments)

    NOTE: Artists may be asked to bring in up to 5 pieces of their most recent works.
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  • Accepted file types: txt, doc, pdf.
  • Accepted file types: txt, doc, pdf.
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