HELP WANTED    Camarillo, Ca

Sales person wanted!

This is a job opportunity with a future, working with an artist that conceived and developed a complicated color-separation process that translates original artwork into limited editions. 

He is offering an amazing opportunity for great pay and advancement.

First of all we need someone who can help with promotional literature as well as being able to work the internet.  This artist is opening his doors in Camarillo and needs someone to help sell some artwork on the internet, to dealers, interior designers and art shows.  Whatever it takes just remember this, it is fine art we are selling and so it has to be done with a classy touch.

You will be on commission to start with and it will be a healthy commission.  You will move into a salary plus commission later. 

We have equipment to buy and need someone motivated and can start right away.  I hope you can see the opportunity here. 

If you just want to do the commission sales at home we can talk about that too. 

Artist experience

  1. The artist you will be working for is recognized internationally as a leader in fine art silk screen printing. (Worked with the oldest gallery in the world Sala Pares in Barcelona, Groups of galleries in Japan, Germany, Mexico, Canada and all over in the USA).
  2. Leader in animation movie industry as a fine art printer for Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Hanna Barbera, Nickelodion and Klasky Csupo.
  3. Exhibitor in all main trade art shows from 1980-2011 / Art Expo in NY Expo in SF, Art Expo in LA, Art Miami……..

He wants to continue his passions of….

  1. Printing fine art in all media.
  2. Publishing and distribution of originals from his collection.
  3. Printing originals.
  4. Creating images for murals.
  5. Experimenting in new techniques of printing for future projects.
  6. Creating art for architects and interior designers.
  7. Teach young artists.

Please call if interested….

Katherine Matthews        Cell (805) 890-0488

Be sure to leave a message and your phone number.  Thank you

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