Kind of Blue and Broken Open by Anna Marie January Image 2 (591x1080)Artist Statement

I’m fascinated by the stories we humans tell, and by the countless ways we find to tell them. I’m drawn to the figure as a vehicle for my storytelling. A simple gesture or tilt of the head can be a subtle, yet powerful and immediate means of communication. The figure holds the potential to spark the imagination and the memory, providing a pathway for a visceral connection to my fellow human beings.

I use hexagonal wire mesh to sculpt quirky, airy, semi-transparent figures. The inherent qualities of this medium allow me to create lightweight human scale sculptures that are both form and space, there and not there. They exist quietly, sometimes seductively, amidst the solid, dense, and massive world around them.

Everthing Just Anna Marie January Image 1Recently, I’ve begun pairing sculptures with paintings. I like the juxtaposition of the figurative and the abstract. It creates a balance of energy in my work–between the slowing down that’s required to make hundreds of cuts and twists in the wire, and my fast and loose approach to most of the canvases. While the figures are the primary means for me to express my feelings and experiences, the paintings satisfy my abstract impulses.

As I explore the human condition with my art, my figures represent characters and situations that are rooted in my biography. My goal is to capture a three-dimensional snapshot of a moment in one of my stories that is universal enough for the viewer to feel that somehow they know itÓa part of them recognizes it, like a fleeting thought or a memory.

My Sunset Woman Plays Guitar by Anna Marie January