It is the desire to connect and create using the potent medium of photography that drives Barbara Pickles and her imagery. Photographs not only document and capture moments; they can also fabricate and illustrate stories to illuminate ideas and beliefs. She feels that photography is one of the most powerful and versatile mediums available to communicate our experiences and beliefs in all languages. Through communication we can begin to better understand each other and change the world.

Pickles is a fine art and commercial photographer and designer. After graduating from Wellesley College, in Massachusetts, she worked as a photographer, art director, and commercial & music video producer in Los Angeles. With the birth of her third son the family moved to the Ventura County where Pickles continues to photograph her world while raising her boys.

Pickles received her MFA in Photography from the renown Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. In addition to her fine art photography, Pickles photographs portraits, weddings, and events, teaches classes and workshops, designs websites and print media, and writes articles on photographers and photography.


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