Carolyn Schlam ASTONISHED GIRLArtist Statement

  I am a figurative painter, sculptor and glass artist. My portraiture is modern and narrative; to peer below the surface and express the ineffable peculiarity of human emotion is always my intent. A kind of longing to be witnessed is at the heart of my imagery. I am currently working in oil, ink, mixed media, glass and wood.

I started as a young painter spanning the genres- abstraction, semi- abstraction, and a modern realism. At some point my work became concentrated on the figurative, it seeming the best form in which to express both my love of the abstract visual elements, and my desire to express emotion and point of view. I studied with a Russian master painter in Carnegie Hall, NY for over 7 years post college, and went on to work at Urban Glass in Brooklyn.

I love to draw, especially from the love model. It is an obsession, to capture the moment, tilt of a head, a being in time, beauty that will disappear in 20 minutes or less. Later, to go back and make sense of these impressions in a more elaborated way, in painting or sculpture.

Carolyn Schlam NAMASTEI am the author of 2 books on art and amworking on the third in the series. The first, “The Creative Path: Process and Practice is a treatise on art making from philosophical, psychological, spiritual and practical points of view and includes “A Painting Speaks” which chronicles the making of a painting in time elapsed photographs and taped transcription. It will be published in 2017. The second, “Art Smarts: A Primer for the Young Artist” is a sequel for children introducing them to basic art concepts and exercises. The third, “Come to the Museum with Me: An Artist Looks at Art” is an art appreciation course designed for the art lover.

My work has been shown widely in museums, galleries and books. In 2013 I was named a finalist in the Smithsonian Museum portrait competition and my painting, “Frances at 103” was subsequently acquired by the Museum.

I am delighted to have joined the artists at Studio Channel Islands as an AIR in Studio A-1. You are welcome to visit my website at