RileywebChemist by education and trade , raised in Israel, my first exposure to art was a Contemporary Art show in the Tel-Aviv Art Museum in 1972. It was a transforming experience. The shapes colors and passion of expression Intrigues me no end. From then on I dreamed about learning to paint some day. Started experimenting with abstract painting briefly soon after but life and career got in the way for the next 20 years, when a window display of young art students inspired me to sign up for basic art classes. A decade later, after retiring I was finally able to devote time and energy to painting and attending art classes and workshops to my heart’s content.

It has been a joyful exciting journey of ongoing discovery experimentation and challenges. Painting has almost become an obsession. I have always been drawn to non objective painting. It is the color masses, their shapes and relationships that always inspired me far more than representational interpretation .

My medium of choice is Oil paint supplemented at times with acrylics, mixed media, Encaustic, print making.

Member of BAA Buenaventura Art Assoc , and the AAC (Abstract art collective , Santa Barbara)