My job as an artist is to communicate visually, but painting employs a wonderful paradox; as the pictures become more accomplished, they become more personal. They leave the nettlesome concerns of detail and enter a realm of an impression; part moment, part flavor, part memory. They draw from a common well of experiences for which there are no words, but which we all know and feel deeply. My goal is to make intensely personal pictures that the viewer has in some way lived.

Electric Corner- 24 x 36″
The Drop 20 x 16″
The Drop 16 x 20 oil on canvas
Memoriam- 16 x 20″

Study with Dan 
LaVigne currently teaches painting at Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo. His classes focus on the discipline of Still life in oils, but are also open to those who prefer working from photo resources or landscape studies. Students will be instructed in the use of composition, design, brush handling, and a temperature-based pallette. Along the way, Dan shares his experiences as a commercial Illustrator and fine artist over a career spanning three decades. Classes run ten, 3-hour meetings and are focused on giving students the kind of individual attention that gets results.

When: 10:00 to 1:00 Wednesdays
Where: Studio Channel Islands Art Center, 2222 Ventura Blvd. Old Town Camarillo, Room A – 4.
Price: $45. per session or $450. for all ten.

* In addition to classroom sessions, Dan offers one plein air class per year,  meeting at locations that include Ventura County’s most beautiful canyons and beaches.

Class Schedules

Summer Plein Air;   July 13th thru September 14th

Fall Classes;                Oct. 12th thru Dec. 21st (dark Thanksgiving week.)

Winter Classes;         Jan 18th thru March 22nd (2017)


Cheryl Goss-
“I hadn’t focused on having a plan. Dan taught me to start big, keep it simple, then move toward detail. His workshop provided me with the basic tools that will help me grow.”

Drexel Smiley-
“My take-aways were understanding values of light and shadow and having a plan before you start. All in all a great experience.”

Carrie Stanton-
“Dan taught me techniques that really opened my mind and allowed me to reach for the next level.”