NorriswebCreativity is part of Deborah’s life. As a young girl, she would draw and paint, every chance she got, and was always thought to be “the class artist”. Deborah thought she wanted to be a music major in college, but realized that “for fun” she was doing 2 or 3-dimensional art. She changed majorts to art, and studied at CSUN, getting a degree in Fine Arts. She voluntarily taught art in the elementary schools when her children (now 31 and 34) were growing up, and then became a paid art teacher at Tierra Linda when they were in high school. Later, when hired by PVSD to teach in her own classroom (3rd grade) she took every opportunity she could find to teach art, even when teaching a different part of the curriculum.

Now retired from teaching, she is a caregiver to her mother-in-law, and up until September, to her own mother, which took a lot of emotion, time and energy. When her mother passed away, she hadn’t touched an art implement for two years. Now, however, she is back, painting watercolors and drawing illuminated letters. Recently, she also started making jewelry, and seeing what can be created with polymer clay. She feels like her creative life is underway once more.

Deborah’s main area of expertise is transparent watercolor. She has won several awards at the Camarillo Art Club and in the Norris2webProfessional Division of the State Fair, in watercolor. She has shown her work in galleries from Dana Point to Sacramento throughout her life., Now, she would like to dedicate more of her time to her work, since she’s not only retired from teaching, but has fewer caregiving responsibilites. Deborah’s main focus is in landscape and still life images. Occasionally, she still enjoys teaching art, but she would like to focus more on her own work, refining her craft.