BIO: A graduate of the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, I eventually married, had three daughters, and practiced architecture for 54 years in Malibu, California. I published many architectural works that began in my one-man office. Iªve completed more than 90 houses and 50 remodels. After retirement and using whatever special eye necessary to be a successful architect, itªs no wonder I chose to spend time with contemporary art. Liking writing as well, I completed ten books, two on art, Reflections and Off the Wall for sale in the SCIART gift shop. Iªm now enjoying the world with my artist wife, Marjory Kron, in a small house between Malibu and Agoura Hills.




My favorite artist is Paul Klee who thoroughly investigated his creative mind. Though moderately successful at creative projects dug fromthe depths of my own soul, I, nevertheless, discovered the camera and Photo-Shop as a medium, like oils, watercolors and clay, to create my own abstract works of art. As a former fifties-modern architect, itªs not surprising I chose modern-abstract art. My self-concept is as more of a new artist rather than the historical photographer. I shoot shadows, found objects, and reflections to makeartworks by inverting colors, changing shapes, and shortening or lengthening unlikely objects to make them even more unrecognizable. Any meaning they have or donªt have, I admit, is my own decision. Perhaps, I donªt create art, I find art. Doug