Walshweb (2)Artist Statement

What makes you happiest in life? A flat-screen TV on your wall? The fancy car you drive, or yearn to drive? Perhaps getting the latest iPhone the minute it’s on the market? When you reach an age to reflect on what has been, will these be the things you look back on with joy and fulfillment?

Maybe….but I doubt it. As for myself, I feel a sense of peace and contentment with family and friends, foremost. Laughing with my wife and taking in her smiling face. But after that? I find meaning, and all that I need, in the peace of the desert; the majesty of our planet’s oceans; the blaze of a comet across the sky, inspiring us to do better and better. In short, my interest in photography, and recording such moments where and when possible, has taught me that in the end, life is all about experiences. Not stuff.


Frank Walsh was born in Merced, California, and spent a large part of his life in the coastal city of Santa Monica, CA. Frank expresses himself through the medium of photography, with an emphasis on connecting the sea and land to the sky, thus symbolizing mankind’s eternal yearning for spirituality and meaning. Astronomy and astrophotography were and are a favorite theme, especially the mystic beauty of the comet. His astrophotography has been exhibited in the City of Moorpark, the City of Santa Monica Main Library and Santa Monica City Hall. Other samples of his work are currently available for viewing on the St. John’s Hospital Santa Monica Art Wall and can be purchased at Topanga Homegrown in the City of Topanga. Frank currently lives and works in Camarillo, CA.