Geoffrey LevittI think it is very important that the viewer of my art get the same pleasure from seeing my art as I get in creating the final product. I enjoy doing a wide variety of art including painting, drawings, mixed media and mobi les. I do both Contemporary Ar t and Representational. I was very lucky to have as a Father Edward Levitt, a well known animation artist who inspired me to be an artist. He always told me to strive for museum quality in my work. I was also inspired by Alexander Calder, in fact one of my first art pieces was a mobile I made for a geometry project in High School. I think all my work is also inspired by the fact that I am also a musician. Between all these influences my work often shows bold color, movement and often the simplicity of animation.

Currently I am working on a train series and studio studies. I think one of my strengths is my draftsmanship. Another strength is my sense of design which often makes my work a feast for the eye. Often I draw the images in pencil or ink and then apply the paint. The tactile aspect of the work is important to me, I want my work to appear handmade. I apply paint with everything from my fingers to ice cream sticks as well as brushes. I often enhance with ink. I also believe that every color goes with every other color so my color pallet is not always traditional. Often I use a medium in my acrylic which makes it look more like oil paint. I think as I am developing an eye to actually see and analyze my work that the quality and complexity of it is.

Member: LAAA/Gallery 825 My work is also rented to the Entertainment Industry through Art Pic and sold at The Frame Shop in Lancaster. I am also one of the artists whose work is sold through the website of the Latino Museum in Pomona.

My work has been shown at the following venues: Gallery 825, West Hollywood; MOAH, Lancaster; MOAH Cedar Center, Lancaster; Latino Art Museum, Pomona; dA Gallery, Pomona; San Fernando Art and Cultural Center, Tarzana; The Shirt Factory, Glen’s Falls, NY; Antelope Valley College Art Gallery, Lancaster; Edwards Air Force Base Library, Edwards; and many other venues.