EpsteinwebArtist Statement

Being a nature photographer in Southern California is a real challenge. The problem being where is the wildlife.Southern California is a huge urban development. All that is left for the wildlife are parks, state and federal,Nature reserves and private property.

Overtime a lot of these areas have become fenced off or limit access due too stupid people and vandalism. In spiteof this birds and animals can be found in special areas. For example blue herons nest in the trees that led into Ventura Marina. A small raft of sea otters can be found in Morro Bay. These sea otters have survived divers, kayaksand small boat traffic. Therefore I travel around California looking for these areas.

The photographs that I present generally show the subject dominating and not the environment. These are more like bird or animal portraits .The except to this are marine mammal found in the Santa Barbara Channel. The photographsexpress the character and inner beauty of the subject. I will return many times to the same site to complete a photo series and shoot a life cycle. My goals is that the viewer will ask questions and possibly be motivated to helpsave what is left.

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