J-Black-Fair-WarningwebFigurative Collage

NO Paint! Really!

The word “collage” is derived from the French “coller”, to paste or glue. Janet Black’s works in figurative collage take on the visual quality of paintings joined with the properties of torn papers of all sorts and sources. Her images are brought to life through a unique method of combining and intricately layering paper — using no paint whatsoever. The artist says: “In my current work, I am literally painting with paper, tearing the colors and shapes and applying them as I would paint, to create an image, convey a thought, share a vision. Paper becomes color, text or calligraphy become messages or abstract design elements, patterns become texture. The whole invites an exploration of its parts, and reflects the dynamic resonance between the single image and its components.”

Janet earned her BFA from the University of Wisconsin and worked as a freelance graphic designer before returning, in her “second adulthood”, to her first love, art. Her work has been exhibited widely in Southern California, and can be found in collections in the US and Germany. She is currently represented by OVA Arts Gallery in Ojai, CA. Please “like” her facebook page at “Janet Black Fine Art.”Janet Black