CarsonCeramic artist Linda Carson was first exposed to her art at a workshop by Otto and Gertrude Natzler in 1956. But not until many, many years later after raising two children, earning a Masters degree, divorcing two husbands, and entering menopause did she finally return to the world of art. Rediscovering her passion for transforming clay, she entered a new life of creating ceramics and sculpture as well as painting and jewelry design.

Carson’s work is included in many private collections, even that of the late renowned ceramist Beatrice Wood, who inspired the humorous quality in many of Carson’s pieces.

She has been represented at the Gallery of Functional Art in Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA; the Lynne Doniger Collection, Studio City, CA; “What iz Art”, Cambria, CA; Objects, Montecito, CA; Christensen Heller Gallery, Berkeley, CA; Utopia, Studio City, CA, and others. Her ceramic kimono series was displayed at the Ojai Center for the Arts.

Much of her work has been seen at the Ventura Artist Union Gallery as well as at the Ventura County Arts Council, and the Ventura Music Festival.

She is a resident of Ventura, California and a member of the Ventura Artists Union and the Ventura County Potters’ Guild and Gallery where she now displays her ceramic work.