Lynda Brothers has been weaving and designing tapestries for over 45 years. She has owned studio/galleries in Aspen, Colorado; Taos, New Mexico; Cape Town, South Africa; Ojai, CA; and presently has her studio in Moorpark, CA where she works on and teaches tapestry, silk painting, marbling on fabric and other surface design techniques. For the past 16 years she has taught weaving and art to children at Colfax Elementary School in North Hollywood, CA, was assistant theater director and designed numerous sets for children’s theatre.

Brothers’ work gives the impression of “painting with fiber”, with texture, color and techniques flowing together with harmonious ease. She is experienced with weaving on a variety of looms but prefers the High Warp Loom which allows her to view the tapestry as it proceeds.

From 1974-1976 Brothers worked with two other master weavers on a major project for the Paarl Civic Centre outside of Cape Town, South Africa. She worked with award winning architects Munnik, Visser, Black and Fish on the enormous woven wall mural (375 Square Meters) which was designed to represent the landscape and life styles of one of the world’s richest wine growing areas. The Paarl Tapestry incorporated all hand-dyed yarns and multiple innovative weaving techniques.