Painting by Mary-Gail King

Cipher, 2008 by Mary-Gail King

In each painting I connect my thoughts and feelings with the material world.Using a process where I either imagine my final image or work from life, I start with large fields of color and manipulate the paint. Choosing when to stop is rather arbitrary and often changes with my mood. I gradually slow down and refine what Iªve put on the paper as I approach a good stopping point. I may add details to bring a sense of a realistic image or choose to leave it abstract. I finish when I get a sense of balance in the piece. This variable approach shows in each painting making some look spontaneous and fresh while others are intense or meditative. My work is filled with color and texture and invariably conveys a strong sense of energy.
Ihave worked professionally along the Central California Coast for the last decade as an award winning watercolor and mixed media artist. I began working in plein aire and now develop much of my work in the studio. There Iªve enjoyed exploring many aspects of water-based painting and done fairly extensive work using alternative surfaces. I enjoy teaching traditional and non-traditional watercolor and interior design. A recent exploration of painting in oil has given me yet another way to play!
President Emeritus, California Gold Coast Art Association
Founding member of The Ojai Group
Member of the National Watercolor Society, the Santa Barbara Art Association, the Buenaventura Art Association, and The Thousand Oaks Art Association
Second Degree program in Interior Design, Meredith College, Raleigh, NC
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts and Marketing, University of South Alabama