Mary Ann BednarMary Ann Bednar started painting in college over 50 years ago. She graduated from Immaculata University with a Bachelor of Science Degree but took painting as an elective. After graduation she married and raised a family but for many years took workshops and art classes with nationally known artists.

Her main thrust has been to explore the beauty of Godªs creation and to put this exploration on canvas or watercolor paper. She paints in all mediums and is fascinated with the effects of color on her viewers.

The process of creating, she feels, is a gift from the Creator and this process is all absorbing. Mary Ann does not devote a lot of time and effort to marketing or sales of her work because she would rather devote her time to creating and making art. Although ceramics, jewelry making and weaving are skills that Mary Ann has developed, her first love is painting and all paths seem to lead her in that direction.

Mary Ann has been an Artist in Residence at Studio Channel Islands Art Center since 1999. She can be reached at