Megan was first introduced to drawing as a child by Brothers in Christwatching her father draw her favorite cartoon characters. In wanting to be able to draw like her father, Megan started drawing Disney character on her own, being guided by her father as she learned. Over the last 20 years her passion for drawing and art have become a major part of her life and now she loves to share and teach drawing to others along with building up her own portfolio.

Currently Megan’s work focuses on graphite portraits and the human form. Since each face and body is unique, she always loves the challenge of never drawing the same thing twice. With every drawing she learns and grows in her observation and drawing skills to portray people as they are.

“We are all unique and different and that is OK. Our uniqueness is what makes this world such an interesting place to live. And also what makes for a more fun and exciting drawings.”

Megan is a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) and has classes offered in January and February.

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