I create original handwoven wool rugs and wall tapestries that combine my strong sense of color and design with weaving to make bold design statements. My rugs are “art for the floor.” They are artistic and useful, uplifting and functional pieces to cover another boundary of a living environment. There is something very satisfying about the colors and textures of a woven piece because the luster of the materials add dimension and life to the colors. The wool was once a living fiber and carries that life into the piece that I make.

I like exploring how the fiber reflects light and color differently than paint or other mediums. I weave in a painterly fashion creating my pieces as I weave, changing color, shapes and format as needed while I build the weaving. My designs are very graphic and each piece is a one-of-a-kind graphic expression.

To me, a person’s home is like a canvas, it can be filled with merely functional items or with art and handcrafted objects that have both a function and an aesthetic purpose. I like being part of a tradition of making something by hand that expresses beauty while being functional, something that can evoke feelings and emotions as a painting might, though it uses the floor as the frame for the piece.

Another exploration, my tapestries, allow me to create additional dimension in my work by working in 3D. I continue to use color and shapes as abstract representation while exploring more sculptural and dimensional forms. The final design is enhanced using additional natural elements, such as twigs and drift wood, that, like the wool, were once living. Incorporating natural elements and traditional techniques into my work establishes a bridge between an artistic tradition and the expression of my contemporary designs.