89777_orig(2)Artist Statement

I produce a variety of media including painting, sculptural forms and installation. In all these works, I am concerned with unearthing the roots of being human as an aspect of the wholeness of existence. In our increasingly high-speed virtual world, I go beneath the smooth and shiny surfaces. I use my brushes and other tools to quietly and patiently explore the depth of consciousness and bring to light the rawness, textures and layers of life. I am an artist-archaeologist.

Los Angeles-based art critic Shana Nys Dambrot has written the following about my work:

“Sigrid Orlet’s background in the field of Creativity Studies had her ‘investigating the complex nature of symbol formation in deep scientific inquiry. . . .’ And her moving and innovative mixed media paintings and sculptural installations give literal and allegorical form to this conceptual foundation.”

“Using hefty, dimensional materials . . . and favoring a richly, fertile palette of earth and autumnal shades along with sensual, distressed, painterly surfaces and salient pieces of text, Orlet both honors and generates the symbolism of a kind of pagan art history.”

“Spiritual rather than dogmatic, her work is experiential, multisensory, dimensional, temporal, devotional, and scientific. In pursuit of an aesthetic beyond meaning, it asks ‘what happens when you go to a place of not knowing?,’ demonstrating a willingness to question even one’s own most firmly held beliefs– including about what art can be.”