Artist Statement

After High School in Burbank, CA., a full scholarship to Art Center allowed me to graduate from Art center before his 21st birthday. I graduated with a Bachelor of Professional Arts degree in Transportation & Product Design.

I started my career at Chrysler Corp. as an automotive designer. After four years with Chrysler and American Motors, I moved to Product Design. After 10 yrs. in the Detroit area, I returned to California, (where I was originally raised). I have lived and freelanced in the Southern California area since then. After years of freelance design and a few design offices, I connected with Designwork USA in Agoura Hills, CA. During those years, Designworks became a wholly owned subsidiary of BMW. I retired in 2006 from BMW GROUP/DesignworksUSA

I now have time to concentrate on fine art paintings, drawings and occasional design projects.

More recently, I have been doing figurative drawing and painting in Thousand Oaks. In addition to my art, I designed a lightweight, aluminum version of a portable easel. For plein air and studio use, “easelAir” will be produced at my partner’s facility in Ventura, CA. We are starting a pilot production run as I write this. Our product website is