Susan Jones Vogel is a traditionally trained artist. She demonstrates both an excellent technical skill and a capacity for abstract thinking in her design and color. She bridges the gap between classical and contemporary art styles. Susan is proficient in a variety of mediums: oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, charcoal and pastel.

Rather than working for the market by painting the same subject repetitively. Susan works in a number of genres, following her own passions and painting what moves her.

Her subject matter bounces between figurative work and landscapes. Her goal in figurative subjects is to simplify and focus on the essence of the design and the gesture of the figure. Her landscapes are based on an abstract compositional design and are meant to evoke a memory in the viewer.

Susanªs painting technique is more challenging than rendering a tight photo realistic image. It is a loose painterly interpretation based on her experience and skill. The mood is expressed through her color choices, whether it is the high key brightness of a beach, the hot dry air of a vineyard or the cool early morning briskness of sunrise on the river. Her colors are pure, playing cool against warm.

Susan Jones Vogel paints beautiful timeless memories to cherish and enjoy.



Susan Jones Vogel was born in New York City but raised in Toronto Canada.

She began formal art training at the Ontario Museum of Artªs educational program, studying drawing and pastel. While attending Branksome Hall, Susan was an oil painting student of Arthur Lismer, one of the Canadian Group of Seven painters. In the 1970ªs Susan lived in Taipei, Taiwan, where she studied Chinese brush painting. When she returned to New York, she was strongly influenced by her father-in law, Chen Chi, a famous landscape, watercolor artist and president of the Salmagundi Club.

By 1980, Susan was living in California. She enrolled in the California Art Institute and spent 3 years at C.A.I studying drawing and painting under its founder Fred Fixler, painting with Neil Boyle, landscape with David Jonas, and drawing with Mia Carpenter.

Susan started her own Art business in 1985 with HOME PORTRAITS. She painted watercolor portraits of the local houses the relators had sold and marketed them to the agents to give as gifts to their clients.

Susan Jones Vogel was a member for several years of the Westlake Art Guild, Where she won many awards for her figurative paintings. Susan was also a member of The Pleine Air Painters of Ventura County and People Sketchers. She taught Life Drawing, (The Reilly Method) in her studio in Camarillo for two years, before returning to California State University Channel Islands to complete her degree in Fine Arts.

Today, Susan is a member of Studio Channel Islands where she often exhibits her work. She continues to Paint landscapes and figurative work inher studio in Camarillo. She hopes to have her own show in the future.



My paintings tell a story or evoke an emotion. They are often sentimental, but the intention is to make the viewer think and enjoy the visual experience rather than to shock or disturb. To me, art should be pleasurable to look at. The longer you admire a painting, and live with it, the more it is cherished and loved.

My paintings are well thought out and tightly constructed. The emotional content is expressed through my color and design choices.

The purpose of my new painting series is to create images to reflect personal experiences in life. Some of my paintings are an exploration of a past memory and some merely capture a moment in time.

I have attempted in my new paintings to merge figurative work into a more abstract format. I find this challenging and difficult to achieve, however, in art there is always something new to discover.