Biography Susan R. Kaufman

Susan R. Kaufman was introduced to art at a very young age. Her father was an artist born in Russia and he continued his art when she was born. He was an oil painter that concentrated on people and nature and Susan began seeing through her dads eyes. Susan has been trained since early in life to be an artist. As a child she began her own spiritual connection to what she saw and her desire to interpret what she saw became stronger as years went by. Susan sold, exhibited, and won prizes on her paintings.

Kaufman studied with renowned artists David and Linda Elder where she learned how to turn clay into bronze. Her focus is on sculpting people and to explore and illustrate the pathos and humor in people as well as spirit and energy of the human condition. She gets her inspiration from observing people. This genre has won her many awards and recognition in her work. Susan was recognized for her work and life and her work is now documented in the archives of Focus on The Masters voted in by a distinguished jury in 2010.

More recently Susan has began to explore doing abstract figurative bronze sculpture and immediately began winning awards on about every piece from the start. She is evolving in