Carolyn-Schlam-photoCarolyn Schalm is a painter and author here at Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo, California. Her work began with creating abstract portraits, but now focuses on figurative paintings of women and the female form. Compared to her previous years as an artist, her work is more personal and accomplished. She utilizes various drawing med
ums, but is mainly a painter and glass maker. To express inner reality, she uses her subjects as a tool to express a feeling of being alive and having movement rather than making it look frozen or lifeless. Her work as a whole captures a certain humanity, which makes it unique.


Carolyn-Schlam-FRANCES-AT-103-oil-40-x-30-CROPPED-768x1024Before coming to SCI, Carolyn was a finalist in the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition where hepiece of a 103 year old woman was acquired by the Smithsonian Museum of Art. This validated her expressive abilities and motivated her to continue painting feminine figures. Aside from her paintings, she is currently in the process of publishing her book, “The Creative Path: A View From the Studio on the Making of Art.” This book is about a window into the creative process, which allows the readers to learn how they can stretch their own creative muscles. She put a lot of heart into talking about the love of art making and wants to pass on her experience, so that she can be proud to leave a legacy. In addition, she is planning on making a sequel, which we can expect to see published in the future



As a current member of SCI, Carolyn feels that it’s a very supportive environment. She says, “It feels lovely, wonderful, exciting, and is a very peaceful place.” As a community of many artists, it brings great opportunities such as meeting other artists, interior decorators, and designers. Overall, Carolyn enjoys being part of the SCI community and we love having her along with the creativity she brings

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