Life Force

“Biodiversity” Hiroko Yoshimoto & “In & Out of the Box” Bob Privitt

September 1– 24, 2016

Reception:  September 3, 4pm – 6pm

Artist Talk with Bob Privitt September 17, 1:30pm

September begins the new art season and the Blackboard Gallery located at Studio Channel Islands in Camarillo is opening with a phenomenal new exhibition called “Life Force”. Artists Hiroko Yoshimoto & Bob Privitt are world renowned artists, each bring an artistic fever rarely seen in the art world.   The exhibit opens September 1st and runs through September 24th. The artist reception will be Saturday, September 3rd from 4pm-6pm.  The artist talk is set for Saturday, September 17th from 4pm-6pm.

Hiroko has titled her exhibit of paintings “Biodiversity”.  When asked about her concept, Hiroko first states a quote from the prominent biologist Edward O. Wilson, who wrote, “Where there is liquid water, organic molecules, and an energy source, there is life.” Millions of species that have been born and evolved over the life of Earth to date have been lost or are in danger of extinction. As many as half of the species we know will be imperiled. The force to live as an individual and to continue as species is hard-wired in us. It is one of the most powerful forces in nature. Artists observe, warn, and inspire as harbingers of the changing currents around them.  Hiroko said, “I observe and feel the increasing challenges of the survival of all species on Earth. I want to record this miracle of the survival of all species on Earth. I want to record this miracle of life forces in the face of such impending destruction.”

Bob Privitt has titled his series “In & Out of the Box”. Privitt’s artworks will be contained in boxes: castoff wine boxes, office in-and out boxes, found and/or fabricated boxes, and cigar boxes.  The objects in each container will present a point of view dealing with observations about the human condition which ties into the overall title “Life Force”.  Those views, and the life force that drives our actions and reactions, range from contradictions and juxtapositions in visual and symbolic meaning to a manipulation of the formal elements of design.  Many of the boxes will contain juxtaposed cast off objects repurposed to create new meaning and new insights.  Incorporated into some of the works will be poems and stories that Privitt has written or found.