Pathos and Ethos at the Blackboard Gallery features figurative painters Shaun Berke and Elliot Brown. The skilled artists take the viewer on an exploration of dark figurative narratives. An artist’s reception will be held on Saturday, January 9th from 5-7pm.

Painted with loose, deliberate brushstrokes, Berke’s women are intimate depictions of the collapse of an ideological system. His paintings and prints exhibit knowledge of classical iconography, which he molds to fit the requirements of his own experience; thus, his depictions of biblical scenes are informed by his knowledge of the specific text, his assimilation of classical composition, and contemporary re-cast of Christian dogma.

Brown’s gritty painterly works are stylized explorations of figurative narrative. Combining both a sensuality and a fascination with the beauty of imperfection, and harnessing the associative power of symbol, Brown’s paintings capture the vulnerability, eroticism and longing of human relationships. At times suggesting an occult dimension or a dark clandestine magic, the new suite of paintings hints at a confluent fiction unveiled through a series of beautifully haunting vignettes. Brown presents us with works that have the intimacy of anecdote and the evasive substance of myth.

Pathos and Ethos