French2Artist Statement

I am a lifelong artist, being fascinated by shapes and edges, materials and textures ever since I can remember. Working with my hands and seeing what evolves is a gift. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and drawing from The Ohio State University. Having explored and worked in a wide range of mediums, a ÷painterlyª quality marks much of my work, even when using the hardest materials. My personal work has always been process oriented, and symbolism is often used, although I donªt always know what it means. I donªt have to. Coming out of many years of painting on silk and with oil, I am now being drawn to work with more concrete objects in assemblage.

I continue to pursue the process of art, and am also lucky enough to help nurture that in others. Although I never wanted or planned to be an art teacher, I was pulled into it around 1990. It has been a continually humbling and honorable experience. My current position is as Education Coordinator for Focus on the Masters. I am also pursuing continuing education in the healing arts.