My art can be described as figurative abstract. It is based on beings that are

living or imaginary. For me, art is as necessary as eating and sleeping. I need

art to tell me who I am and how I feel about things.

When attempting to make art I usually don’t start with an image in mind. I just

start to gather materials such as: wood, paper, cloth, canvas and various found

objects. I cut out the wood with a jigsaw, tear up pieces of paper and staple

and them together, depending on what materials I havechosento work with. I

sometimes use coat hangers as armatures to create seven-foot creatures, usually

ladies, and cover them withpaperm̢ch̩. A person might say that I am

process-oriented. My ideas formulate themselves during the process of working.

As I work, I am influenced by things that are going on around me. It could be a

car driving down the street or someone walking their dog. It is often events on

TV or articles in newspapers that inspire me. A theme running through my work is

that everything around us is in a state of flux. The only constant in life ischange.