ARTIST’S STATEMENT – “As a child I focused on the small, often

unobserved miracles of nature: the multi hues of a river washed stone, the movement of a sea urchin being gently stroked by the ocean current or the brilliant and sensual yellow stamen of a wild violet. These and many more wonders of

nature were my entertainment.

We all travel our own path and determine whether our story, or journey

or our life has meaning, direction. My paintings are an attempt to illustrate

both the complexity and simplicity of my daily reality or my night time REM

and my journey. My work represents my admiration and affinity for all things Asian and a story I wrote about chaos and struggle.”

SHORT BIOGRAPHY – Karen L. Brown was raised on the California

coast. Her art education began in junior high however; none of her advanced degrees are in art. While a single mother of two, Karen earned her Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Degrees.

She returned to art after a twenty-year hiatus from painting and credits many local art educators for encouraging her to continue exploring art: Hiroko Yoshimoto, Debra McKillop, Cathy Day Barroca, Linda Taylor and from Santa Fe, NM, Michael McCabe and Paula Roland.

Dr. Brown was one of 15 local artists chosen to participate in the 2010 Ventura Music Festival fundraiser. She is a cofounder of the inkspots (San Buenaventura Printmakers) and member of the Santa Barbara Printmakers. In 2012 Dr. Brown participated in eleven (11) juried exhibitions and won prizes in all of them. In 2014 Karen decided to focus on invitations vs juried exhibitions. She has been in four shows a year and opened Suite C, a working studio and viewing gallery in Ventura.

Karen states the highlights of her art involvement was receiving first place at the Studio Channel Island Gallery (Printmaking: The Traditional Meets the Contemporary), juried by Master Printer, Jim Webb and having two of her creations purchased for the permanent collection of Community Memorial Hospital.

The variety of her creations can be viewed on line at:,, and