Melanie-Roschko,-Mozart-in-C,-Acrylic-on-Canvas,-60__x40__webLiving in the Colorado mountains for more than 20 years profoundly influenced my art. The colors, textures, shapes, movement, and atmosphere of the rugged landscape are all part of my paintings.

Although I now live in California most of the year, my work responds to my memory of the Rockies and the sounds of its music festivals. Music inspires the rhythmic and flowing movements within my work. The layered interaction of pigment, textures, and lines creates a depth of color reminiscent of mountain ranges.

My wish is that viewers experience a sense of depth freed by motion and energy.

Artist Statement

I have always surrounded myself with colorful things. For many years my paintings have been filled with color. I love to watch the layers of paint create new and exciting colors and the textures play with those colors to make them even more interesting. Lines are always wandering thru my paintings. The landscapes that I live in and visit and the music that I hear and feel, influence my work.

When I found myself in a situation where I could not paint, I started drawing with pencil, charcoal and ink on paper. I found an amazing world of monochromatic color. How exciting it was to start adapting the work to canvas! Line has become much more important in my current paintings and allows me to wander in whatever world I want. I can explore a landscape or dance to music, or both. I find an electricity in the experiences I am creating for myself and I hope the viewer.